May 10 - 23, 2022 The Games!
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How to Begin

After reading this page -- please click "Next" at the bottom of the page to proceed to online registration for the 2022 National Senior Games presented by Humana in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on May 10-23, 2022.


Early Registration Discount Deadline:  Wednesday, January 26, 2022, 11:59pm ET



Registration Periods


  • The registration process for the 2022 National Senior Games presented by Humana includes a Priority Registration Period for qualified athletes followed by an Open Registration Period to accommodate athletes age 50+ as of December 31, 2021 who are unable to qualify. 


  • Priority Registration ends December 7, 2021.  Open Registration begins December 14, 2021.  Registration will be unavailable during the Quiet Registration Period while NSGA prepares for the Open Registration Period. 


  • A discounted fee is available during the Early Registration Period.  When the Regular Registration Period begins the discounted fee is no longer available.



Period Description









Priority Registration Period


Wed, Sep 8, 2021

1:00pm ET

Tue, Dec 7, 2021

11:59pm ET


Quiet Registration Period

(Registration Unavailable)


Wed, Dec 8, 2021

12:00am ET

Mon, Dec 13, 2021

11:59pm ET


Open Registration Period


Tue, Dec 14, 2021

12:00am ET



Early Registration Discount Deadline:  Wednesday, January 26, 2022, 11:59pm ET







Open Registration Period Continues

(Discount No Longer Available)


Thu, Jan 27, 2022

12:00am ET

Tue, Mar 1, 2022

11:59pm ET


Final Registration Deadline:  Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 11:59pm ET




When are qualified athletes eligible to register?  


  • Athletes who qualified at a 2020 State Qualifying Senior Games or through the Adjusted Qualification Process adopted in response to the pandemic are eligible to register when the Priority Registration Period begins on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.


  • Athletes who FIRST qualify in 2021 at a State Qualifying Senior Games will be eligible to register after the respective sport/event results are verified by NSGA.  Status of the 2021 State Qualifying Games sport/event results can be found on the NSGA Registration webpage.


Registration Capacity


  • Sports/events with entry limits could reach capacity at any point during the Priority Registration Period or the Open Registration Period.


  • If a sport/event reaches registration capacity a waiting list will be taken.  If space becomes available in the sport/event, athletes on the waiting list will be contacted in chronological order and will be given a brief timeframe to accept the opening and to register for the sport/event. 


  • Registration capacity for sports with entry limits can be found at NSGA.com; under the SPORTS tab select your sport to see if entry limits apply.


  • NSGA is unable to guarantee entry into sports/events that reach registration capacity.


Registration Fees


  • Registration fees are by SPORT, not by EVENT.  Example: Table Tennis is the SPORT, singles, doubles, mixed doubles are the EVENTS. Register during the early period for Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles in Table Tennis and the Registration fee would be $162.00 including the processing fee.


  • For team sports the team manager/captain must register the team and pay the team registraiton fee in full before team members can register online and be added to the team roster.


  • A $12 non-refundable processing fee applies to each registrant, regardless of being an individual athlete or a team member.  This is a one-time processing fee for the 2022 National Senior Games regardless of the number of sport/events you participate in or number of changes made to your registration






Online Registration


Paper/Mail-in Registration










Individual Sport


1st Sport

  $150.00 $175.00   $180.00 $205.00    
      2nd Sport (add)...   $35.00 $35.00   $35.00 $35.00    
      Each Additional Open Sport * (add)...   $35.00 $35.00   $35.00 $35.00    
      Golf (add)...   $75.00 $75.00   $75.00 $75.00    


Team Sport

      Basketball Team   $575.00 $625.00   $625.00 $675.00    
      Softball Team   $750.00 $800.00   $800.00 $850.00    
      Volleyball Team   $875.00 $925.00   $925.00 $975.00    
      Beach Volleyball 2v2 Team *   $50/person $50/person   $50/person $50/person    
      Beach Volleyball 4v4 Team *   $50/person $50/person   $50/person $50/person    
      Soccer 8v8 Team *   $575.00 $625.00   $625.00 $675.00    
      Tri Relay Team *   $250.00 $300.00   $300.00 $350.00    

Processing Fee

      All Registrants   $12.00 $12.00   $12.00 $12.00    
      * NOTE:  Open Sports being offered at the 2022 National Senior Games are Beach Volleyball, Cornhole, Power Walk, Recumbent Cycling, 8v8 Soccer and Triathlon Relay.  Open Sports do not require qualification.  Athletes must be at least 50 years of age by December 31, 2021 to be eligible for Open Sports.  Athletes may register for an unlimited number of Open Sports.  It is each athlete's responsibility to make sure the sports entered won’t cause scheduling conflicts. Refunds are not provided for time conflicts due to overlapping events.    


Payment & Deadlines


  • Payment by credit/debit card is required at the time of online registration. Registrations are not complete until payment has been successfully processed. The National Senior Games Association accepts the following credit cards:  Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  


  • The early registration discount period ends Wednesday, January 26, 2022, 11:59pm (Eastern Time).  Paper registrations must be postmarked by January 26, 2022 to be eligible for the early registration discount.


  • ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 11:59pm (Eastern Time).  Please ensure you complete your individual/team registrations by this date. PAPER REGISTRATIONS must be postmarked by March 1, 2022.


  • Refunds are available with no explanation minus a $30 administrative fee until Tuesday, March 1, 2022. The $12 one-time 2022 processing fee is non-refundable.  NO refunds will be issued after Tuesday, March 1, 2022.


  • In the event that the National Senior Games are canceled, all athletes will receive a full refund of registration fees minus the non-refundable, $12 processing fee to cover costs incurred with the online registration system and credit card transaction fees.  


Click Here for a step-by-step Online Registration Guide.  If you need additional assistance with online registration contact NSGA.  See Contact link at the bottom of this page.


COVID-19 Safety Guidelines


  • For COVID-19 Guidelines Click Here.  Guidelines will be updated as necessary.




Click "Next" to proceed to online registration.


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